What is the "My Small Town Hero Award!!

(About the Small Town Hero Award: I (Merv) have been trying to get people to recognize the good in others by creating the My Small Town Hero Award. My book speaks about the small people that hardly ever get recognized for their hard work and dedication to our youth such as responsible mothers, fathers, teachers, juvenile staff, bus drivers, cooks, janitors, step parents, siblings, coaches, grandparents, etc.

This award gives 12th graders a chance to submit an essay about that person from their hometown whom they feel supported them all through high school, inspired them and motivated them to keep going since a great deal of our youth do not make it through their high school years. I want to know who this person is so i can reveal them to the world in hopes of encouraging others to step up and support our youth. This teaches our youth to not shy away from telling others thank you and how they really feel about them while they are still breathing. The essays are read over and a selection is made on who the recipient of the award will be.

The recipient will receive a trophy, a plaque with the essay of the youth engraved on it and a autographed copy of my book, but if anyone would like to sponsor this cause,I would be honored to give you the required recognition and also award more recipients and do more through out the year. Every essay is recognized by way of certificate and the original copy of the essay is giving to the nominee's. This award is so sacred because often times we as humans speak so much on the negative people that we forget that we have some positive people in this world also that's so deserving of a pat on the back.

This award encourages the student to continue telling people how they feel about them and it teaches the recipient to strive to help someone else out because the previous work was not in vain.

Currently this award is being presented at Madison County High School only, but if you would wish to incorporate it into your establishment feel free to contact me. (Picture @ bottom: Ashley Haynes with her mom: Ashley won the essay contest on May 13, 2008 by writing about her brother Jeremy Haynes in which he could not attend due to his schedule; therefore, Jeremy Haynes was the first recipient of the My Small Town Hero Award by way of his sister's touching essay.)

To Mr. Merv From Ashley Haynes
"As the first recipient of the 'My Small-Town Hero' Award, I am both honored and privileged to have been inspired by Mr. Marvin Mattair to share with everyone else the inspiration I found inside of my brother, Jeremy Haynes. Furthermore, this essay was more than just winning a contest, but it was the opportunity to express gratitude to someone who deserves it. As the 'chain reaction' continues, I would like to motivate another individual to share with others the gift of inspiration." THANK YOU! Mr. Merv for all you have done. You and Mrs. Denise have surely been a blessing in my life. One thing I will never forget (and you taught me this), is that I AM A QUEEN! -Ashley Haynes

Thanks for joining us on May 26, 2009 at the Van H Priest auditorium to celebrate or 2nd annual "My Small Town Hero Award" It was a BLAST!!!!!