"Supporting Another Individuals Dream Is Genuine When We Do It Even Before Our Own Dreams Become A Full Reality" Merv Mattair!!!

(BIO)Marvin Merv Mattair is a 37 year old dedicated father & husband. He is a former program director of a boys juvenile facility, where there he challenged himself & the myth that having dreadlocks will cause you to lose opportunities. Mr. Merv went from the bottom, all the way to the top in corporate with a head full of hair & NO COLLEGE DEGREE, making it clear that it's only when we doubt ourselves that we truly fail. Merv is the author of three books, in which his first book "Word to my Kings & Queens: Achieving a renewed & improved mind" was a best seller in Amani Publishing. Merv second book is entitled "Word from my Kings & Queens: Overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds", where about 18 authors came together to share how they overcame specific trials, such as Merv sharing with the youth about his encounter with an STD at age 14 & why its important for them to get knowledge of self control over birth control. His 3rd book is entitled "My Royal Swag: Viewing Life In HD". This book is given the reader reality at it's best by tapping into areas that will benefit marriages, families, and so much more, through titles such as "Get Your Own Wife Homey & Back Up Off The Next Man's", "Baby Girl You Are A Dime, But He Cheated With A Nickel", "You Prayed While I Played, A Message From The Once Lost Brothers", and many more. Mr. Mattair is a motivational speaker who carries his messages to middle schools, high schools, colleges, prison, juvenile camps, churches & the community. He is a contractor who have landed major & successful contracts with health departments, healthy start, whole child, Live the Life, The University of South Florida, etc. Merv is employed with the Madison County health department as a health educator educating youth through the use of the SRA curriculums to help them make proud & responsible choices when it comes to sex. Merv is Certified as a Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist & have recently started a live talk radio show entitled "The Swagging Healthy Show" that airs live every Sunday 3pm to 4pm eastern standard time on www.1230wmaf.com. He have coached community football for the past 9 years, teaching the young men about life through the sport. Mr. Merv is the founder of the grass roots organization Boyz to KINGS. BTK have been established for almost 6 years without any grant money & functioning solely on faith, love, & passion. "We (Parents, male role models) are working together as 1 big family to keep our young men from going down the wrong road & embedding positive images etc, in their mind in a positive propagandist way to make them honor & value family, women, being responsible, being accountable, etc". Mr. Merv walks in his gifts & through his gifts he have been able to climb the ladder of success & pull others up while in process. He believes in God, but he don't believe in going to church just to go, he thinks that if people are not encouraging each other but instead tearing each other down, then we are only wasting our precious years assembling with them. Mr. Merv role models are of course his dad Curtis Mattair Sr. & civil rights leader & Icon Mr. David Dukes. Mr. Merv favorite books besides the Bible are Acts of Faith by Iyanla Vanzant & Brainwashed by Tom Burrell.

R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y N/O, INC. is a corporation that was established on May 1 2009. The R stands for(renewing), the O stands for (our), the Y stands for (youth's), the A stands for (actions) the L stands for (language), the T stands for (thinking) and the Y stands for (yearning). The N/O stands for Noblesse Oblige- Our moral obligation to display honorable conduct. Our mission is to renew our youth's actions, language, thinking, and their yearning to be the best that they can be through us leading by example and encouraging others to do the same (Just That Simple).(R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y message to all youth establishments and leaders" We must all lead by example in our walk, not just our talk, if we want to have any chance at making a positive and lasting impact on our youth"(Video Message)

OUR SERVICES WILL CONSIST OF: Engaged Motivational Speaking to youth programs(Girls or Boys),Adult staff, Churches,Community organizations, etc./, Pre-fatherhood seminars,/ "My Small Town Hero" Highlighting Ceremonies/, Abstenance/Safe Sex classes,/ Youth Empowerment Explosions/Camps, Book Signings, etc.......Call 850-673-1003 for more information or email me at royalty@myexcel.com. You can also get me on FaceBook!!!