Son, I want you to know that daddy will never leave you, I promise to not let this world distract me to the point that I forget about you, I promise to role-model for you, I promise to spend time with you, I promise to Love you with my actions, I promise to hold you accountable, & I promise to teach you how to be a young King instead of just another statistic (I'm Sorry Satan, but NOT THIS ONE!!).

We all know the issue with having a lack of fathers present in the lives of children & how its effecting society. There are several reasons & a few thats out of the fathers control. Men, even I had to learn from someone else in order to be the dad that i needed to be, so I encourage you to ask questions, get involved in fatherhood classes & CLICK to listen to this VIDEO letter from a kid who did not have a father to love & teach him.........If only I had a dad to love me (I rather have my daddy than silver or gold)